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How does it work?

You sign up to our Affiliate Program. You will receive access to the Publisher Panel, where you will find a list of all affiliate programs. Each program has promotional materials in the form of links and banners – place them on your website, Fan Page or Youtube channel. Depending on the program, you'll get money after player registration (CPL campaign) or after the in-game payment (RS campaign).

How to join the Affiliate Program?

Click on this link to register in our Affiliate Program. It would take just a few seconds.

I'm signed up, now what?

Log into the Publisher's Panel and apply to chosen affiliate program. Once your application is approved, you will receive an e-mail welcoming you into our program.

When are earnings approved and what does it mean?

Earnings are approved exactly on the night of 15th to 16th of each month. Until then, we verify the traffic, together with game producers and - if everything is alright - we confirm all earning from the previous month.

When and how can I withdraw earned money?

After crossing the threshold of 50 Euro. Disbursement of funds can be requested in the Publisher's Panel, and after completing the formalities, the money will be send to your bank or PayPal account.

When will I be paid?

The money is usually paid within 48 hours, after receiving all necessary documents.

Where to get promotional materials, such as affiliate links and banners?

After the registration in our Affiliate Program you will receive access to the Publisher's Panel, where you'll find all necessary promotional materials (affiliate links and banners).

Where should I place affiliate links or banners on my blog or website?

You should place your affiliate links/banners where they're easy for your visitors to find — your website's home page, navigation bar, and any other high-traffic areas. By placing the links on easily accessed locations, visitors will be more likely to click on your links and register.

I forgot my password, how do I get it back?

Get back your password by clicking on the link "forgot password" on the login page and follow the instructions.

Where can I track clicks, registrations, and how much have I earned?

You will find everything in our Publisher's Panel. We provide full statistics that show clearly how many players clicked on affiliate links or banners, and how many have signed up. After earning 50 Euro, you will have the option to request payment.

Can I persuade users to register?

You cannot persuade user to register. This means that motivated traffic is prohibited. Users should register themselves, without solicitation. Also, you cannot reward users for registration.

Are documents that I signed to get the payment must be sent by post or can be scanned?

The choice is yours - we accept both shipping by mail or email (scan quality photo). Before departure, check the correctness of the data and make sure that the document is signed.

My status in one game was changed to "Suspended".

The promotion of the game was halted due to the use of the budget allocated for this purpose. The game is likely to return to our offer as soon as they receive new advertising budgets.

Are there any earning limits?

There are no limits.

What is a fraud?

Fraud is an artificially generated registration. A user is not interested in the game itself, does not log into the game to play, just fill out the form for which he receives remuneration. Frauds are strictly prohibited at Funhub Network and will not be rewarded.

Does it cost me anything to become an Affiliate?

There's no charge - it's absolutely free to join our Affiliate Program.

How long do I need to wait for verification to affiliate program?

Verification of all publishers applications takes place every 24 hours.

How much can I expect to earn?

That's completely up to you. We can help if you need something specific to online games your way, but your profit potential completely depends on your website's traffic.

Is my blog or website eligible for your Affiliate Program?

Most blogs and websites qualify to participate in the Affiliate Program. However, we reserve the right to refuse membership to a website or revoke your membership at any time, if we determine that your website contains objectionable material.